Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Personal Truth~A Blessing in Disguise

I started this blog initially because of my outrage over the fraud perpetuated by Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" (and many other aliases). Her seemingly cruel and abhorrent behavior incensed me. I will confess, this woman still disturbs me.

However, I know that negative energy I harbor for her is only festering within ME. My spiritual self tells me to release and forgive. I'm trying, but all of the analyzing I've done, based on the facts, reveals that she continues to hurt others.

I've often wondered what her personal truth is. What hurt has she experienced that created the person she is today? Of course, I have no idea, because she has not ever seemed contrite, humble or even embarrassed about any of her shenanigans.

I wrestle with my feelings because I believe we are all one; all part of the whole.

Although she didn't directly hurt me; she DID hurt me, by hurting some incredibly wonderful women. It doesn't make me feel good to be infused with negativity, so I'm going to try to turn it around, at least from my perspective.

Let's say everything DOES happen for a reason, and we are all in each other's lives to heal something within ourselves or learn something about ourselves.

Maybe this fiasco with Heidi has made someone stronger, more reflective, or wiser.

Perhaps it has brought people together, that would never had known each other~(I count myself in that group.)

Maybe you've found a loving heart and generous spirit in a person that would have never crossed your path, yet somehow enriched your life.

In your pain and anger, maybe you found a touch of humor and could laugh at an otherwise painful situation.

Maybe you discovered a side of yourself you didn't know existed; a blessing you may have not received, were it not for this horrific experience.

The community who has banded together as a direct result of Kimmer/Heidi Diaz is filled with extraordinary, intelligent, beautiful, fabulous women, and I am grateful~yes grateful to know you. You all inspire me and enrich me; that's why I want to help you fight the good fight.

Would we have all crossed paths had it not been for our common interest in bringing Heidi to justice?

I hope there really is a blessing in this experience for all of us. I think for me, the blessing is obvious. It's learning about and knowing all of you!


Mayberryfan said...

What a tremendously generous way of looking at this crazy story! I, too, have wondered if Heidi ever regrets that she had a hand in joining together such a wonderful and in many ways disparate group?

It's kind of fun being part of the silver lining in the big, black Kimkins cloud, isn't it?

Nancy Ellyn said... darling, you are one of the unamed inspirations, I have encountered. Thanks for the insightful comment. You are a jewel!

Medusa said...

Word, Nancy Ellyn!

Love your blog :^) I had inadvertently missed adding you to my blog roll. That's now been fixed :^)

Looking forward to reading many more of your wonderful and insightful blog posts. KUTGW!

My blog: Medusa

Barbara B said...

Only someone with a beautiful heart and soul would write what you have written. You are beautiful inside and out. Heidi, unfortunately, is the complete opposite. But you have written a key truth here. I have met some inspiring and wonderful people at LCF, and all because I happened upon the Fascination thread many months ago. Your blog is one that I will visit often.

Nancy Ellyn said...

Medusa and BarbaraB, I was writing this for you both, and all of the other wise women who have touched me. Thanks for your sweet comments!

Rachel S said...

Amen my sister. :) What a joy to discover a kindred heart! Strive always to leave everything you touch better than it was when you found it.

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