Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crusading to Prevent Harm~ Medusa Writes and Informs from the Heart

My lovely, intelligent friend, Medusa, continues to blog against anorexia, bulimia, and very low calorie diets.

She is a hero in the world of those who want to educate themselves about eating disorders. Additionally, she is an incredible source of information for those who are struggling with an eating disorder.

Her platform is clear, and her zeal is admirable.

Recently, she wrote about how her blog was "searched" and what the content and key words of the search included.

Almost every single search, which led to her blog, had something to do with pro-ana, anorexia, bulimia, and one horrific search involved intestinal worms for weightloss.

Read about it here

Is that not the most deplorable subject matter? I perish to think who would be searching for that sort of information.

Probably a young girl, wanting to look like her favorite celebrity.

Certainly, developing an eating disorder is no easy task. However many young girls actually SEEK advice on how to become anorexic!

How does a desperate young girl learn to become a skinny, frail, fragile facsimile of her idols and icons?

If she is smart (and most girls with eating disorders are) she goes to exactly the same place you and I go to for each and every bit of information we are interested in~ the Internet.

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. WE have the world at our fingertips; and all that that implies. Good, bad, ugly, criminal...If we have patience and we can search, we can find just about anything on the vast world wide web.

Anyone interested in anorexia, bulimia or extreme dieting, can find an incredible array of information on the www.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, anorexics and would-be anorexics around the globe can access more than 400 web sites designed solely for them.

These websites give tips on how to deprive, how to purge with laxatives and diuretics, how to deal with parents and weigh ins, and what to do to keep yourself from eating.


Medusa said...

{{{Nancy Ellyn}}}, thank you SO much for mentioning me in your post. I am humbled.

You are so right. The dangers lurking on the internet for young people willing to starve themselves to emulate their celebrity idols are rife. And the Kimkins diet and Heidi Diaz are two of the many dangers.

Heidi and her starvation diet feed off the desire of these young people to lose weight and lose it fast, no matter the physical or emotional consequences. Heidi is surely aware of those dangers, but because she has no conscience is willing to sell her soul to the devil to enrich her bank account.

Thank you again, Nancy Ellyn, for your excellent and heartfelt post about the dangers of Kimkins and its link to disordered eating. Kudos to you.

MrsMenopausal said...

Great post Nancy Ellyn. I love Medusa's blog.

ITA,her blog is an excellent eating disorders resource.

Medusa ROCKS! :)

Nancy Ellyn said...

My darling Medusa!

I respect you so much! You and your incredible wisdom will be the subject of many of my posts, most likely!


Nancy Ellyn said...

Mrs.M......Indeed, Medusa is an incredible blogger. I love her blog, too! Thank you for your sweet comment!

BillyWarhol said...

that is disgusting + frankly Sad*

I feel sorry for all these Young Girls trying to live up to these Hollywood + Fashion Idols they see in Mags*

Yucky said...

Brava, to both of you, and to all the others who care enough to get the word out there about the tragedy that is anorexia and bulimia!

hugs to you both!

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