Monday, May 12, 2008


Do You Know This Woman?
Have YOU Ever Seen This Photo?
My friend Medusa, is so smart...Keep reading!
~This is from her blog~
One of the many fake "after" pictures that Heidi Diaz/Kimmer posted on her Kimkins.con website last year to depict her fraudulent weight loss continues to intrigue me.

The picture has never been found and/or the woman identified.
Many posters on the Fascination with Kimmer (FWK) thread on Low Carb Friends searched for the picture but never found it.
So I have decided to have a contest in an attempt to
quench my insatiable curiosity.
The person who is able to find the original picture of the mystery woman and provide me with a link or
tear-sheet of it in its original form,
will win
a $25.00 gift certificate from
.So all you super sleuths, start digging :^)
DO ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN IS? If so, please report to Medusa!
Here is her original post, with all the contest details!


Medusa said...

Nancy Ellyn, you are such a sweetheart.

Thanks SO much for spreading the word about this mysterious picture.

Hopefully, we'll hit pay dirt :^)


I hope you figure it out. It is strange she has not been identified.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who she is..........but, she is a very pretty lady..........debbie jan

Anonymous said...

Nancy Ellyn!
As you can see, I am an "rookie" blogger......(my last comment came across as "Anonymous" (haha!)
With that said.........I am so enjoying your comments, bits of wisdom, funny insights, etc. You are one of a kind, darlin'.......and I love you!
debbie jan

Yucky said...

lol re chilled white "whine" :D

Yucky said...

Wait, don't forget this!

"The Lady In The Lawn Chair: The Biggest Search Ever" at

We're also posting in various court-tv related discussion forums.

Anonymous said...

Fat Bastard will sniff her ass out! LOL!!! :)

2BIG said...

hope she gets found and demands her cut from Kimmer for being publicity for the site.

Boy would that fix kimmer

Medusa said...

(((Nancy Ellyn))) Your posts re Dee on LCF tonight ROCK!

And thanks SO much for all your support, hon!

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