Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Aggie American Idol! ~Calling All Jason Castro Fans~

My nephew (darling sister Debbie's son) is a graduate student at Texas A & M University, and my sister recently sent me this forwarded letter which is a "call to action" to help get American Idol contestant Jason Castro in the top three finalists.

I was going to get my friend Austin Girl or her side kick Buddy "Fat Bastard" to do a shout out about this to all her Texas readers, but I thought better of it, figuring those two are University of Texas fans (for those of you who don't know, there is a bitter rivalry between Texas A & M and University of Texas....Bitter, bad, bad. bad, bitter, bitter.)

(read more about Buddy, here)
(read more about Austin Girl, too)

Fat Bastard has probably already wrecked havoc upon an Aggie dog or two
(or fifty),
I'm guessing.

If you are a Jason Castro fan, or a Texas A & M Fan~Here's some info~

If any of you are inclined to help out an Aggie,
here is the plea to all Aggies,
which was sent to me!
Please, no messages about the merits of each contestant. I love all of them, but the three boys left really are my favorites!
The voting for tonight continues for two hours after your
American Idol episode airs.

Texas A&M student Jason Castro '09, a landscape architecture major from Rockwall, has made it to the final four on the Fox television talent show American Idol.

If he receives enough votes tonight to advance to the final three, Jason will come home to Texas A&M to film a segment for the American Idol show, bringing a glimpse of Aggieland to tens of millions of American Idol viewers
around the world.

But for that to happen, the Aggie Network must join together to vote Jason through to the next round. Something special happens when the Aggie family unites in support of a fellow Ag—bonds are strengthened, memories are made, and the Aggie story gains another layer.

This is where you come in as a former student. Tonight at 7 p.m. Central time, take a moment to watch Jason perform live on American Idol on your local Fox station, then follow the instructions for voting Jason through to the next round. Voting is straightforward: a simple phone call or text message to the number on the screen.

For more information:

Maroon Out planned for Jason Castro
Vote Jason Home podcast (iTunes software required)
American Idol homepage
"An American Idol Journey" from The Bryan-College Station Eagle

Gig em, Aggies! Yes, that would be Beautiful Daughter, oh so many years ago~

Editing after the show~ My LORD!

David Archuleta blew everyone away, in my humble opinion!

This boy is in a league all his own.

I don't know how to define his voice and presence.

The words that come to mind are ~heavenly, angelic, pure, innocent, beautiful, stunning, perfect, harmonious~

This is the person to beat, IMO and the fabulous music savant that lives with me! Well, he's really not a savant~ just really smart about anything involving music!

My assessment is this~ Jason has such charm, but he was off for his two songs.

I liked him, but music experts who reside in my house pointed out his sacrilege;

for example, pitch problems, cadence, phrasing, etc.

I bow to the expertise I am blessed to live with, but I liked what he did!

I Shot the Sheriff and Mr. Tambourine Man, two completely classic, wonderful, quirky songs, were great choices, IMO

~ I loved him, but the consensus (in my humble abode and that of Randy, Paula and Simon) was that he was "off"~

The kid is so relaxed and adorable, you can't help but love him! Nothing Simon says phases him. For sure, he is the underdog for the top three, but my family is certainly rooting for him! GO JASON!!!

I think David Cook will make it thru....I'm on the fence with regard to Sayesha.

Tell me what you all think! Leave a comment!

It's getting down to the wire!


Dr. Nicole said...

He's got my vote! I don't really like any of the others anyways...

Nancy Ellyn said...

I liked the Bob Marley vibe~"I Shot the Sherrif..." I'm just now seeing it, on the west coast.....David Archuleta can't sing a wrong note!

Thanks for commenting Doc Nicole, you little cutie


I am addicted to that show. I love David Cook (he is from Blue Springs, Mo and that is about 15 minutes from where I live in Kansas City). Jason is cute, David Archuleta is amazing and I think Syesha is magical. My top 3 would be David, David, and Syesha.

Anonymous said...

You are right about his charm, Nancy Ellyn. That cannot be disputed! I don't know if Jason will make it to the final three because of his screw ups, however.

OhYeahBabe said...

Are you sure that's Jason in the pictures? It looks like MEDUSA!

joy said...

Definitely a good show. I'm glad to see some wholesomeness in America's top show. I love it, and can't wait until the season starts up again.I think American Idol is ultimately the most influential, and one of the finest, reality shows currently on air.

janes said...

American Idol is my all time fave show!!! always watchin for the next season..admirable platform which truly appreciates the new talents..!!!

Jessica Hart said...

The best entertaining show on television is American Idol. I really like this show. I cant miss any episode of this show. This is one of my favorite show.

Anonymous said...

I have seen all episodes and sometimes I catch American Idol TV Show online.

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