Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote! Get Free Treats!

Please Vote!
You can even get a free treat for doing so!

Your favorite coffee awaits! Free for voting!

Starbucks: Giving away a free tall coffee to people with proof of voting
(or a pledge of having voted.)
A patriotic donut,
just for voting!

Krispy Kreme: Giving away free star-shaped donuts with red, white and blue sprinkles (while supplies last) to people with an “I voted” sticker all day
How about
some ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s: Giving away a free scoop in any flavor from 5pm to 8pm
to anyone who say they voted.
Fun treats for you on an exciting day!


The Fitness Diva said...

Ok, find me a Krispy Kreme's location NOW! lol
Fortunately, there are none anywhere near where I live! ;)


I want the ice cream! Great incentive to vote!

Preston said...

Hey I voted and got my free cup of coffee! No Krispy Kremes or Ben & Jerry's in my area, but hey, I got my favorite type of coffee: FREE!

Preston said...

Hey, I just gave you the Superior Scribble Award. Check it out at my blog!

The Midnight Writer 1 said...

I was in a Starbucks in Indiana on Election Day and watched for a few hours as people came in to claim their free cup of coffee for voting. It was amazing! What a strategy for the Starbucks company. People who had never drank Starbucks came in that day to taste it. I bet it gained customers and money in the long run.

Chilled White Whine, you made it as one of my top ten Entrecard droppers. I wrote a thank you on my blog with your link. Take a look. And thanks again. I love your site.


PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

Now for the most important question - who do you think Jackson Browne voted for?

By the way, I have several of his songs on my iPod.

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