Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Jack O Lantern Gets a Spa Treatment~Happy Halloween From Southern California! Cool and Crisp? I Don't Think So!

I try, I really try to bring the seasons to my home. Christmas (winter) is insane! I'll post my gorgeous over the top Christmas decor soon. I strive for a Griswald Family Christmas, to say the least! LOL

Come Spring, I bring out the bunny banners, garden statuary and pastel egg colorations, in every shape, form and fashion. I change the front door decor and many other table tops and display cabinets in my home.

Halloween and Fall? I'm having a dilemma! Here is a brief recap of my problematic fall decor...

Oh sure, I have my beautiful fall wreath on my front door, and my front porch decorations, are lovingly placed for all my trick or treaters to see. I have a cute glamorous witch sign, some nifty fall topiaries and a gorgeous black cat right at the entrance of my house. On All Hallows Eve, costumed visitors will even be treated to a talking wizard in a crystal ball. Yes, I am ready for the little tricksters.

Alas, my poor decorative outdoor pumpkins, part of my festive fall decor, are shriveling beyond recognition, thanks to the over 90 degree temps we have had in my neck of the woods, FOR WHAT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER.

I am so sick of this heat....but, I digress.... I heard soaking them in water will perk them up.

This one got a Spa Treatment today!

I live in a beautiful part of California. We are blessed with Mediterranean temperatures, and ocean breezes, rolling hills, hot air balloons and wineries, right in our own back yard.

However, the past months have been brutal, with regard to daytime heat indexes. Every single day has been 87-100 plus degrees since....well, since the middle of summer. Now, I grant you, our nights finally cool off to the fifties or sixties, and that makes early morning jogs euphoric. However.....there is something wrong when the temperature reaches 90 degrees or more at the end of October!

You end up with pumpkins that need re-hydration!
I'm running a spa for pumpkins, people!
Only in California!

Ah, the things we do in the name of beauty!



This is hysterical! I live in Kansas and the thought of an overheated pumpkin had never occurred to me. You kill me everytime. Beautiful pool! Can I come over and swim with the kids?

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my, that made me smile, you are so funny. How cute is that, a spa for pumpkins. I guess you have temperatures like we do in Australia. The weather patterns are crazy now because of global warming. I cant give you any pumpkin resucitation techniques unfortunately! At least your pumpkins will be truly frightening looking! Have a nice tall glass of champagne and take it easy. Your other decorations sound wonderful - Oh how I wished we celebrated Halloween here in Oz. Look forward to your Christmas decorations too - bet they are spectaculor! I mean a woman who loves Jackson Browne has the most superb taste after all!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!

You are too funny, girl! You make me smile everyday! Pumpkin! They'd take the pitch in So.Cal! I'm serious!


Daisy said...

I hope your pumpkin feels refreshed now!

Margie and Edna said...

Boy, if that's how you treat *gourds*, you must really pamper your human guests! :D

So, did your pumpkin perk up?

The Fitness Diva said...

Ok, that's just funny! Poor pumpkin!
I hope it gets its ripe, youthful look back. Can't go wrong with a good spa treatment, right?


Happy Halloween!


BTW-I have an award for you at my site.
Don't feel obligated to participate just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog!

Sandi said...

I hope it helped your pumpkin ;) It was honestly probably the warmest Halloween I ever remember here. It wasn't hot or anything. It just wasn't freezing. It seems every Halloween here in Illinois is nothing but cold and drizzle. It always rains! But not this year. It was gorgeous.

Jack Payne said...

I think it's joyful, the way you bring all this highly personalized stuff together. Go, go, girl.

earthlingorgeous said...

Lucky Jack O Lantern having a spa treatment!

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