Sunday, September 21, 2008

So, Why Do We Blog?

Why do I go to the trouble of blogging, expressing my feelings and sometimes, baring my soul?
Why do any of us do this? It's certainly not for any monetary gain, I would guess for most of us.

Maybe it's just plain old narcissism. That's just part of the human condition, after all....

Why do I blog?

Sometimes, to help others...other times, to amuse myself. I love words and pictures; symbols, icons, pop culture, philosophy, new age wisdom and the teachings of the masters.

If a smile can be shared, I want to blog about it.

If wisdom AND KNOWLEDGE equals power, I want to further the cause. If something delights my heart and soul, I want to share it with YOU!

My reasons are at once selfish and selfless; a dichotomy.

I am a Renaissance woman and I am ever evolving, as is my blog. I have no focus group or demographic...that will be revealed in time.

Still, my answer and the reasons for blogging captures the essence of ME, from my heart and soul and not what others expect of me......

This is true and it is MY truth.....

In amusing and educating myself, I hope to do so with others....... and contribute to the realization that we are all part of the whole.


Cara Mia said...

I think blogging should first and foremost be for yourself and something you enjoy, then others will pick up on your passion. You have definitely captured that energy in your blog!

This song is in my head today and I though of you..
Running on - running on empty
Running on - running blind
Running on - running into the sun
But Im running behind

I'm running behind but making an effort to catch up! :)
Have an awesome day!!!
Cara Mia

YogaforCynics said...

Your truth is the only truth you can give....

But its a long way that I have come
Across the sand to find you here among these people in the sun
Where your children will be born
Youll watch them as they run
Oh its so far the other way my life has gone....

Nancy Ellyn said...

Oh my, "Our Lady of the WelL." Stunning.....

BillyWarhol said...


;)) Peace*

thx fer popping by Nancy Ellyn*

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